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A December Bride

December Bride Poster 600The last person Layla O’Reilly wants as her date to the wedding between her ex-fiancé and her own cousin is Seth Murphy, the one who introduced the soon-to-be-married couple. But it’s better than showing up alone. At the wedding, Seth tries to help Layla save face by blurting out that he and Layla are engaged. No one is more surprised than the outraged Layla.

When their phony engagement becomes Layla’s path to a job with a big-time realtor that would put her fledging business staging houses on the map, Layla begs Seth to maintain the charade. Layla stages Seth’s beautiful old house for the holidays to prove herself and the two dig themselves a deeper hole every day, lying to friends and family about their fake relationship. But as they spend time together, fixing up the house with antique Christmas decorations, the feelings between Seth and Layla become quite real. Instead of breaking up, Layla becomes the December Bride she always dreamt she would be.