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Hearts Of Christmas

Hearts Of Christmas 600To the devoted caregivers of the Community Memorial Hospital NICU, every “premie” heartbeat is a precious gift, and every family whose baby they care for is like their own. So when, in the midst of planning the department’s annual Christmas party, nurse Jenny Miller (Emilie Ullerup), finds out that her mentor, and the NICU’s very heart and soul, head nurse Alice Shelby (Sharon Lawrence), is being forced into early retirement as part of a cost-cutting plan initiated by the hospital’s new CFO, Matt Crawford (Kristoffer Polaha), Jenny sets out to make Matt see that Community Memorial is more than simply “a business,” as he calls it.

To honor Alice’s service, Jenny and her staff decide to make the annual Christmas party a farewell fete for Alice, and even calls on some of the “angels” that have passed through the NICU to help pay tribute at the party. And, despite his corporate stance on cutting costs, even Matt joins Jenny’s crew in making Alice’s party a Christmas extravaganza to remember. Matt’s underlying humanity is not lost on Jenny, nor are his efforts to make their relationship more than strictly professional.

On the day of the big Christmas party in Alice’s honor, Jenny learns that Alice has injured her ankle ice-skating and has decided not to attend. But with help from a couple of persistent staff members, Alice is transported to the party, where she is met with an outpouring of love and gratitude – not only from her friends and staff, but also from lots of “angels” who have turned out in full force to thank her for all she has done. And when Matt shows up to make a big announcement ... that his newest cost-cutting plan is one that will save jobs, including Alice’s. Matt’s announcement not only brings the happy crowd to its feet, but also Jenny into his waiting arms.