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Hurricane Hunters

hurricane-hunters-poster-600Hurricane Hunters is a fast paced, visually arresting story of survival against nature at its most awesome and destructive. Seven-year-old Leah Kaplan saw her parents snatched from her forever by a savage hurricane and the trauma of that catastrophe lingers into her adult life. She shuns relationships through a fear of losing loved ones and she’s grown utterly focused on her work. Unsurprisingly, Leah is a meteorologist and flight director onboard an aircraft which analyses extreme weather conditions and hunts down hurricanes in order to offer storm warnings.

It’s a dangerous job but Leah accepts the risks. When the authorities order her to conduct a flight with Ryan Stewart, a handsome but abrasive journalist, she’s told that the gale she’s investigating is a mild one. But in truth, one of the most powerful storms in America’s history awaits…

By the time Leah discovers this it’s too late to turn back as her plane has already started to enter the hurricane’s wall. The danger escalates when the violent winds buffet and batter the aircraft, knocking out several of the onboard scientists as well as the flight commander. With her lead pilot down and caught in the grip of ferocious conditions - with only the infuriating but charismatic journalist to help her - Leah realises she has flown into the eye of a hurricane, both literally and romantically!