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Just Breathe


AKA - Mom Dad and Her

Sydney Foster, 15, had a busy day on her last day of school. Along with her friends, she was able to crash a wedding, get caught shoplifting, sneak out of the house late at night, and have her stomach pumped at the hospital after drinking too much at a party. At her rope's end with her troubled daughter, Lynn Foster, sends her to Cloud Lake for the summer to live with her father, Ben, and her new pregnant step-mom, Emma.

Of course when Sydney arrives, nothing changes. The shoplifting, smoking, and lying only multiply due to Sydney's complete lack of respect for her father and step-mom. But is Sydney really a rebellious teenage who likes to smoke, drink, and cause trouble, or is she simply a young girl trying to be heard for the first time in her life after dealing with the messy and bitter divorce of her parents? Ben and Lynn seem to think it's the former, but Emma, a woman preparing herself to be a parent for the first time at age 40, thinks that may not be the case.

Just Breathe is the beautifully written coming of age story about a troubled teenage girl and her divorced parents trying to co-exist happily again -- a place they can get to with the help of the most unlikely person - her pregnant step-Mom.