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Merry In-Laws

merry-in-laws-aRaised by an astrophysicist father and psychologist mother, ALEX SMITH was taught the "realities" of life from a very young age. Doing what they felt was best, her parents crushed her belief in all things magical…from the Easter Bunny to the Tooth Fairy and of course Santa Claus.

Now twenty-eight years old, Alex has grown into a down to earth, truth seeking astronomer who spends much of her time in her observation lab trying to "explain" the unexplainable.

When not in her lab, Alex lives a contented life with her beloved son MAX (6) and boyfriend PETER KLAUS (30). Max is the result of what her father refers to as her "irrational" time and never fails to remind her of the bad decision she made and obvious absence of the boy's father.

Alex's boyfriend, Peter is as carefree as Alex is uptight. A kindergarten teacher, Peter spends his days creating make-believe and arts and crafts while Alex spends hers deconstructing the mysteries of the universe. Much to Peter's chagrin, Alex's father has made sure Max has been raised with the same "sensibilities" as Alex, including making sure he knows Santa is just a thing of stories and lies.

Though Peter tries his hardest Max keeps Peter at arms length, influenced by his grandfather and the fact that Peter is not his "father".Having lived together as a modern family for a year Alex is happy to leave things as they are, but traditionalist Peter is ready to take the next step in their relationship...marriage.