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The Mistletoe Promise

TheMistletoePromise 600Elise Donner is a thirtysomething divorcee who runs a busy travel agency alongside her intractable ex-husband, Dan, who objects to her combining a charitable outreach program with their business. As the holiday season begins and she dreads spending another Christmas alone, Elise meets Nick, a single and handsome attorney, at a shopping mall food court.

Since they are both unmarried and overly career-focused, they quickly bond over their mutual dislike of the holidays. Nick shares that his law firm is considering making him a partner, but has a history of choosing only those who are married with a family. Realizing they’re each about to face a lonely holiday season—and that having a girlfriend would increase his chances of being made a partner—Nick suggests that he and Elise pretend to be a couple. Understanding that Nick’s proposal would benefit them both, Elise accepts his “mistletoe promise”, agreeing to adhere to its terms, which include: remaining platonic, asking no probing personal questions, and concluding the charade on Christmas Eve. Nick reveals that, although he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he told his boss he does and asks Elise to be his “date” at his firm’s Christmas party.

As they prepare for the party together, Elise and Nick engage in traditional holiday activities and find themselves beginning to enjoy the Christmas season. After impressing Nick’s boss, Elise accompanies Nick to an event in New York City, where the firm’s new partner is scheduled to be announced. Before long, the fake couple starts to develop real feelings for each other. But when the truth about their relationship is revealed and Elise mistakenly believes that Nick is romantically involved with his paralegal, she returns to the travel agency, only to uncover Dan’s efforts to sabotage the business.

Now that she’s finally found the Christmas spirit, the lonely travel agency owner hopes to find a way to salvage her business and wonders if she’ll ever find love for the holidays.