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Tornado Valley


AKA - Storm In The Heartland


When your world is blown apart, is it possible to put the pieces back together? For two sisters, nine-year-old Liz and seven-year-old Ellie, a beautiful summer day turns dark as they watch a tornado claim their mother’s life. After witnessing the tragedy, Ellie is so traumatized she stops speaking, but Liz forges ahead with her life. She later moves away, earns a PhD in meteorology, and, with her husband Matt, designs a revolutionary storm warning system. Still, Liz is emotionally scarred, and eventually leaves Matt and her life’s work, taking their daughter, Becky, home to live with Ellie.

Liz and Matt are thrown together at a meteorology symposium, where it becomes clear that deep feelings remain between them. Matt invites Liz to watch their fully developed technology in action, but the triumph is marred when they track a tornado heading their way. Though they find safety, the twister whips towards Liz’s family farm. Rushing to save Ellie and Becky, they discover that love proves stronger than any storm when Ellie finds her voice in order to rescue her niece.

Starring:  Meredith Monroe, Cameron Bancroft, Pascale Hutton