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A Mother's Instinct

A Mothers Instinct 600When a woman’s son goes missing and the prime suspect is released due to lack of evidence, she and her teenage daughter decide to play vigilante.

Nora Birch is a probate lawyer and her husband Toby is an accountant. They have two children, Scarlett (17) and Angus (5). The family has just recently moved into an upscale neighborhood where Scarlett is having trouble making friends at her new school and her relationship with her parents is strained.

Not long after moving in Angus is kidnapped, the family suspects the weird Emo kid ‘Graeme’ who lives next door. He is questioned by the police but there is not enough evidence to hold him. This prompts Nora and Scarlett to take matters into their own hands…

In their effort to get Angus back the family realizes they are being reunited and becoming closer than they have been in years. This is a story about a family who will stop at nothing to recover their loved one when the authorities are unable to do so.

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