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BACKSTABBED posterShelby Adams and her husband, Grant, struggled to get by. They had a hard time paying the rent on their house and keeping up with the bills in today’s economy. Something had to be done and Shelby was the one that took the initiative.

Getting her real estate license, Shelby wanted to make money while Grant’s indecisions and insecurities caused friction between them. He had a low paying job and was resigned that it would be his lot in life. They were feeling the strain on their relationship.

However, everything changed when Paulette entered their lives.

Paulette was a successful realtor that claimed she saw something in Shelby that she admired. She offered Shelby a job to assist Paulette with her real estate ventures. It would be the opportunity Shelby had been waiting for.

Yet Paulette’s business practices seemed unconventional. She had Shelby pretend to be potential buyer to pressure sales. She also had Shelby pretend to be expert on mold in order to claim there were no problems with a property. Shelby was wary but Paulette always had an answer. There was always an excuse. Paulette was good at manipulating people - including Shelby. After all,

Paulette had a dream project she wanted to do and wanted Shelby to be part of it. Paulette had a financial backer and all she needed was time to put the deal together. Shelby was all ears. Paulette had Shelby under her thumb.

In the end Shelby saw through Paulette’s nefarious schemes. Shelby couldn’t be a corrupt salesperson. Shelby decided to quit and make her own dream project with Paulette’s money guy. She had learned enough and was ready to go on her own. It was a bad move.

What Shelby didn’t know, was no one ever crossed Paulette. When you did, people tended to die.

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