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confinedArchitect Victoria Peyton looks out from the window of her new home office towards her neighbor's house, and is shocked to see the word “Help” written on the basement window. Rushing over to investigate, she meets Fritz Allen, a lovable grandpa type, who seems to be hiding something under his crocodile smile. When she looks again, the word “Help” is no longer there. Did she imagine it?

Late that night, she hears a strange tapping noise coming from next door. The next night, with her husband Michael out of town on a business trip, Victoria is awakened and sees Fritz digging in his yard. As he looks up, she ducks down quickly. The following morning, as Victoria is about to take her 18 year old daughter Ava to school, Fritz comes over and apologizes that his dog died and he was burying him last night. But later that day, Victoria sees the edge of a cage through Fritz's basement window and a hand gripping the bars. When Michael and the police arrive, they find nothing.

Victoria searches her neighbor's address online and finds that Fritz's son had gone missing 16 years before, and that his wife Bea had a daughter who is also missing. Feeling anxious about the whereabouts of her missing best friend who visited Fritz's house under the pretence of being a Town Planner, and armed with blueprints of the house, Victoria breaks in and sneaks down to the bare basement. Counting her paces, she looks up to find a teenage girl looking at her through a crack in the wall. A frightened girl reveals that she's Bea's daughter -- imprisoned for years after Fritz's son was killed and buried in the back yard.

What ensues are the repercussions of Victoria's findings, as an angry Fritz struggles to protect his family secret and bury his past. Will Victoria escape with her life having unearthed the truth?

Starring Emma Caulfield (Gigantic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beverly Hills 90210, Darkness Falls)
David James Elliott (JAG, The Untouchables, Bed and Breakfast).

CONFINED PRODUCTIONS presents a JOHNSON PRODUCTION GROUP production in association with ITV Studios Global Entertainment Artwork ©2010 Hamdon Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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