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Deadly Spa Weekend

deadly-spa-weekend-600On a dark desert highway, a motorist pulls over to the body of a teenage girl dead on the roadside. But as the motorist bends down, the barely recognizable teenage girl grabs him telling him of ‘David James’ an evil man who’s killed others and that’s coming for both of them. Yet there's no time for escape, as both this Motorist and the teenage girl are run off the road and abducted.

Another day on this same stretch of highway we meet the rebellious Kayla, 19, and her mother Dawn Erickson, two very different people wanting to connect but unable to. Being dropped off at the remote and idyllic Still Canyon Retreat and Spa for 5 days, Dawn is thinking this will be the perfect place to forget their family worries, recuperate from a recent divorce and do a little Mother and Daughter bonding.

From hot stone massages, cliffside yoga overlooking the endless horizons, and positive life affirming mantras of magnetic organizer David James, still Canyon is everything that was advertised online. But there was one thing that wasn’t in the brochure, no one ever leaves.

It's here on her arrival at Steele Canyon, that we realize Kayla was the girl abducted in the opening moment of our twisted tale, and she has no clue what's about to happen to her in the very near future.

A Deadly Game 600Never having had a family of his own, David James has created the perfect self-reliant community out here for everyone interested in leaving the city’s ways behind. Yet young Kayla soon begins to see through the guise of the magnetic David James, who has his sights clearly set on her mom. And when an Employee confides in Kayla that everyone who comes here either joins the ‘family’ or is buried alive in a sandy grave, Kayla is not sure what to think.

But when that very employees goes missing the next morning, Kayla sets out to find the truth, while Dawn is beginning to fall head over heels for the charismatic David James. What Kayla soon discovers is that the employee is alive and being held in an underground bunker. Yet as she tries to save him, Kayla herself is abducted by David James, only to be kept in that very same basement.

While Kayla has run away before, Dawn’s maternal instinct kicks in full force, as she sets out to find Kayla and expose the truth about this cultish-retreat... even if it kills her! And it just may, as Dawn begins to uncover David James’ twisted doomsday prophecy that will have everyone taking their own lives.

Even when Kayla does finally escape, she is quickly caught and buried alive. Dawn must now race against the clock to save Kayla and escape Still Canyon with both of their lives.