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Death Clique

DeathClique-poster-600-wideHigh school students Sara (LEXI AINSWORTH) and Jade (BRITTANY UNDERWOOD) are best friends who find their lives turned upside down when a new girl, Ashley (TINA IVLEV), arrives at their school. From the moment Ashley sets eyes on Jade, she is determined to have her as her BFF - and to banish Sara from their lives. And so Ashley begins a subtle campaign to undermine Sara and Jade's friendship - and to make Jade become more and more dependent on her.

When Sara starts to push back, Ashley decides to get rid of her forever. She tricks Jade into helping her lure Sara to an abandoned warehouse, and in a shocking act of violence, she kills the unsuspecting teen. A horrified Jade is implicated in the crime and has no choice but to help Ashley cover it up.

Sara's mother, Lana (BARBARA ALYN WOODS) and father Paul (BRUCE THOMAS) are panicked when Sara goes missing and enlist the help of the police to find her. But when the police hit a dead end, Lana takes matters into her own hands and starts to zero in on Ashley and Jade, believing that they know more than they are saying.

Lana soon finds herself caught in a bizarre psychodrama with Ashley, who is becoming increasingly manipulative in an effort to throw everyone off her trail. In the end, Lana comes to believe that Ashley's mother, Tina (MICHELLE CLUNIE), may hold the key to getting justice for her daughter… but she has to get past a desperate and dangerous Ashley first…

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