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Family In Hiding

family-in-hiding-bigThousands of people have given up their identities and lived in the witness protection program. ‘Family in Hiding’ reveals how truly life-shattering that experience can be.

At the end of a very long workday, single mom, Carol Peterson (Brenda Strong — ‘Desperate Housewives’), enters the cavernous parking garage and finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is horrified to witness an execution-style murder from point blank range of a wellknown district attorney. The gunfire reverberates throughout the garage, chilling Carol to the bone. Horrified, she can no longer contain herself. Exposing her identity to the killer, she leaps from her hiding place and into her car, careening out of the parking garage as shots ring out behind her.

The killer, Nahanee (Hrothgar Mathews — ‘Nuremberg’), is a famous crime boss who District Attorney Cloninger (Jerry Wasserman — ‘Smallville’) has been trying to convict for years. Now, Carol must uproot her two teenaged kids and join the Witness Protection Program. They were once a typical, modern family with their biggest worries revolving around basketball games and dates; now, their entire existence is focused on one thing—staying alive.

After two, well-planned relocation procedures result in near death escapes for the Petersons, the magnitude of the danger they are facing becomes painfully evident. All the secrecy and being cut off from their friends has proven impossible for the two outgoing teens, but the continuous battle to suppress their indiscretions seems inconsequential when Carol painfully discovers that there is a leak in the District Attorney’s office. One of the men assigned to protect her family is on Nahanee’s payroll.

No longer willing to trust others to safeguard her family, Carol decides that no one, not even the D.A., should know their location until the trial. But before Carol can implement her plans, Nahanee’s men kidnap her daughter, Alicia. The stakes have changed and Carol’s next move is clearly the most crucial one…