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Love Sick

lovesick-bigA beautiful young wife stands to lose everything when she becomes addicted to adulterous affairs and finds her life spiralling out of control.

To the outside world, housewife Sue (Sally Pressman– Army Wives) appears to have the perfect life with her handsome and successful husband Andrew (Peter Flemming– Stargate- SG1). But behind that facade, she’s bored and turns to other men to try and bring excitement into her life.

It’s a dangerous game – at a fundraising event, with her husband just across the room, Sue flirts with and kisses a stranger named Rick (David James Elliott– JAG, Close To Home). As the flirtation progresses to a thrilling affair, Sue neglects her home and misses a job interview.

Soon she’s also sleeping with Laurent, a handsome French architect she meets at work, while Rick still expects to have their weekly tryst and Andrew returns home to find the house in chaos.

Before long her marriage to Andrew grinds to a halt, and even her best friend Jill struggles to persuade her that she needs help. The last straw comes when a disgusted Jill catches her attempting to seduce her husband Steve, and Sue realises that she is hopelessly addicted to sex. With the help of friends, therapy and a 28-day stint in a rehabilitation centre, Sue decides it’s time to turn her life around and conquer her abusive and painful past.

This compelling story is based on a book by best-selling author Susan Silverman who is an advocate for women with sexual addiction.

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