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Stalked By My Doctor

stalked by my doctor poster new 600Sophie plans to go to medical school. Her boyfriend Ryan is on the soccer team, and is hoping for a sports scholarship. Their future looks golden until Ryan drives Sophie home from a party, and gets into an accident, Ryan's leg is permanently damaged and Sophie's heart is impaled by a broken rib.

Enter Dr. Albert Beck, a renowned cardiologist. When Dr. Beck operates on Sophie, a strange obsession overcomes him. When Sophie leaves the hospital, she reaches out to Ryan, who blames himself for the accident. Realizing he can no longer play soccer, Ryan has fallen into depression, spurning Sophie. Hurt, Sophie confides in Dr. Beck. Seeing his chance, Dr. Beck openly flirts with Sophie -- but she recoils.

Meanwhile, Ryan breaks free from his depression. In a sophomoric expression of love, Ryan offers Sophie a promise ring. She is elated! Realizing he can't make the boyfriend disappear, Dr. Beck decides to make Sophie disappear. Using his medical resources, Dr. Beck fakes Sophie's death and kidnaps her. He begs Sophie to love him willingly, but she lashes out, expressing her hatred.

Believing their daughter is dead, Sophie's parents blame each other and their relationship tears itself apart. Ryan is crushed, but clues surface that make Ryan suspect Dr. Beck. With Sophie's hatred for Dr. Beck at its highest, Dr. Beck realizes he will never convince her to willingly love him. His final option is to permanently cripple Sophie so she can never escape him. With time running out, it is now up to Sophie to escape from the maniacal Dr. Beck...

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