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Stalked By My Neighbor

stalked-by-my-neighbor-600One night, while the upbeat, 18 year old photographer Jodi Allen video-chats on computer with her mother Andrea, a psychotic man invades their downtown apartment. Andrea, unable to defend her daughter, calls the police, but it's too late: Andrea watches in horror, via Skype, as the man rapes her daughter.

A few months later, Andrea and Jodi leave the city, moving to a nice house in a pretty suburban neighborhood. Andrea is certain they have left their problems behind them, but Jodi, now emotionally traumatized, is fearful of her new surroundings. A few nights later, while Jodi takes photographs from her bedroom window, she looks across the street to see an ominous shadow in her neighbor's house. Is she watching a home invasion? Has her nightmare returned? Panicked, Jodi sprints across the street to warn Lisa, the nice neighbor lady. Jodi and Lisa search the house, but they find nothing.

The next day, when Lisa's niece Kristen, 18, returns from a camping trip, Jodi and she are horrified when they find Lisa dead on her bathroom floor. Did Jodi witness a murder? Or, as police Detective Franklin suspects, was it an accident? Jodi knows what she saw! She's certain Lisa was murdered, and she sets out on a personal mission to determine the identity of the ominous shadow.

She immediately suspects the 21-year-old trouble-maker of the neighborhood, Nick Thompkin. Jodi tries to convince her mother Andrea that Nick did it, but Andrea doesn't believe her. Instead, Andrea feels Jodi is paranoid, a natural reaction after being raped. In a touching moment, Andrea admits to Jodi that she blames herself for not being able to rescue her daughter that fateful night. Determined, Jodi begins to spy on Nick, only to learn that he is indeed innocent... and that he's a really great guy. Soon, she finds herself falling for the charming Nick.

The next day, Detective Franklin reveals the results of the police investigation, and they are now certain that Lisa was murdered. Based partly on Jodi's testimony, Detective Franklin suspects Nick! Now Jodi must race to prove Nick's innocence and find the real killer. Whodunnit? Was it the lecherous divorced neighbor Ted? Was it the innocent, Bible-carrying niece Kristen? Or was it Jodi's own mother, Andrea? Unbeknownst to Jodi, the true killer is closer to her than she thinks. In a frantic finish, the killer tries to eliminate Jodi to tie up loose ends. Now Jodi must fight for her life -- and battle the recurring nightmare of her rape -- to survive.

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