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The Clinic

The-Clinic-Poster-600Abby Porter is just starting her new law career when she gets a call from the police that her estranged sister, Maggie, has been found dead in Northern Mexico; another senseless, random murder. After identifying Maggie’s body, Abby starts picking through the pieces of her sister’s life in San Antonio and begins to suspect that Maggie’s death was not a random accident, despite what the Mexican police tell her.

After a less that friendly exchange with her sister’s last boyfriend Ray, Abby narrowly escapes death herself when a car attempts to run her over. The incident triggers Abby to call the local newspaper and finds an ally in reporter Michael O’Hare. He has been working for years to pin evidence on an infamous surgeon named Dr. Dare, who has been operating an undercover clinic in the dusty hills of Mexico, leaving more than scars on numerous patients. But when Michael’s cautious approach is netting no fast answers, Abby takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a patient, into the wilds of lawless Mexico to uncover the truth.

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