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The Donor


AKA - Final Sale

When Jennifer faced the choice between fighting for her life, and dying for her principles... She did not realize that she might have to do both.

This tense thriller takes an unsuspecting young couple inside the world of black market organ transplants.

With two months to live, Allie Graves faces a four-year wait for the kidney transplant that will save her life. In desperation, they turn to James Dolan who charges recipients exorbitant fees, while harvesting organs from needy donors like Maria - a terrified Mexican teenager, who’ll give up a kidney to help her family get across the border. Allie catches a glimpse of Maria in the makeshift operating room they share inside a downtown hotel. And while Allie’s transplant is successful, she can’t stop thinking about the young woman who saved her life. But when the desperate young donor dies during the botched surgery, Allie’s heroic fight for justice is the only way she can repay her, even if that means jeopardizing her own family’s future.

Dolan threatens Allie to keep quiet. But when she won’t back down, they abduct her, along with the doctor who performed the operation. Held without her medications, Allie has hours to live. And with their most damaging witnesses out of the way, Dolan and his ring will be in the clear.

When Ryan realizes Allie’s been kidnapped, he leads the cops on a desperate manhunt, following the evidence his wife has tracked down. But as the police fan out across the city, Maria’s father returns to the downtown church where she made her deadly deal. Armed and incensed, he’s seeking his own justice against his daughter’s killers. Now, in a riveting, final standoff, Ryan, backed by the SWAT team, faces off against Dolan’s gang, with Allie’s life hanging in the balance.

Starring:  Laura Harris, Ivan Sergei, Kaitlin Doubleday, Jonathan Lapaglia, Robert Carradine


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