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Walking The Halls

Walking-the-Halls-bigWhen 17-year-old CASEY BENSON, new to Los Angeles, starts to make friends with some of the beautiful, popular cheerleaders at her school, her mother HOLLY is pleased. For the first time since the move from San Diego and Holly's divorce from Casey's father, Casey seems happy.

But when her daughter's attitude and behavior begins to change, she quickly becomes alarmed. Holly catches Casey in lies about where she's going, finds gifts and receipts for expensive clothes in her room, and even discovers she's been sneaking out in the middle of the night. Casey refuses to give her mother any answers about what she's become involved in and the two become increasingly estranged.

Worried, Holly hires a southern-bred, no-nonsense P.I., SUE ANN, to sort things out, and the results aren't pretty. Casey and her cheerleader friends, headed up by a girl named LOURDES, are high school call girls that spend their evenings 'dating' wealthy men in high-end hotels.  

Sue Ann and Holly confront Casey with their knowledge expecting her to lie, and are surprised when she comes clean and says she wants out:  what started out as just partying with some older, attractive men had spiraled out of control. But getting out won't be easy. The high school hookers had some very prominent clients and when Sue Ann's investigation threatens to expose a shady business man named WELLS, he has Sue Ann murdered and decides to cut his losses by going after the only other two that might name him… Casey and Holly.

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